Euro-Klima – klimatyzacja, wentylacja, chłodnictwo

Ship Interior
and Insulation

Ventilation Systems
and Piping Systems

Euro-Klima Ship

Extensive experience in the shipbuilding industry

We are a modern company with a rich history, specializing in the installation industry within the maritime shipbuilding sector.

Our history dates back to 1993, originating from a collaboration with the renowned company Dr. Döring GmbH Co. KG, established in Oldenburg, Germany, in 1945. From the outset of our operations, we have prioritized solidity, professionalism, and innovation.

Euro-Klima About Us

We work closely with our partner shipyards in countries such as Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Euro-Klima Years

We operate
on domestic
and foreign

Our over 30 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry on the domestic and foreign markets. We build both new ships and renovate those already floating.

To date, we have participated
in installations on over
300 floating decks

We provide our services on passenger ships, luxury mega yachts, container ships, specialized research ships, Ro-Ro Paxes and military frigates.

Advanced Piping and HVAC Systems for Ships

We specialize in providing the highest quality HVAC solutions and piping systems for ships in Poland and Western Europe.

Attractive and competitive offer prices
Our many years of experience translate into quality workmanship
We have highly qualified specialists on our team

Partner shipyards

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